What are the signs of child abuse


General Indicators of Child Abuse
-Change in behavior, grades

-High risk behaviors – drugs, promiscuity, etc

-Running away

-Low self-esteem

-Suicidal thoughts/attempts

Physical Abuse Indicators
-Story of how injury occurred does not make sense or remain consistent

-Bruises/burns that have a defined shape

-Injuries in places not common with childhood activities

Sexual Abuse Indicators

-Age-inappropriate sexual knowledge

-Fear of certain persons or places

-Nightmares, bed wetting

-Unexplained gifts, money, special privileges

-Neglect Indicators

-Malnutrition, stealing food

-Child is unattended for long periods of time

-Exposure to dangerous weapons
Possible Perpetrator Indicators
-Grooming ~ deliberate actions taken by an adult to form a trusting relationship with a child with the intent of later having sexual contact.

-Taking an excessive interest in someone’s child (text messaging, seeking time alone).

-Giving gifts or money to the child for no apparent reason.

-Talking about topics that are not appropriate for age or relationship (child’s experience with dating or sexual acts, adult topics).

-Initiating physical contact with child (tickling, wrestling, lap sitting, kissing, hugging).

-Allowing child to have special privileges or break the rules.

Note to Remember: Not all sexual assault perpetrators are adults.     
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