What we do

The Bridge Advocacy Center is a comprehensive, child-focused program that offers a highly effective, one-stop approach to child abuse investigation. The facility allows law enforcement, child protection professionals, prosecutors and the mental health and medical communities to work together to victims of child abuse and sexual assault in a comprehensive and cohesive manner.

The Bridge proactively: 

-engages community partners

-implements impartial investigative techniques

-coordinates case tracking

-makes counseling referrals

--educates victims and non-offending family members on victims’ rights, resources and options

- -offers a comfortable, private, child-friendly setting to conduct interviews 

-focuses on the health and future of child victims

-strives to improve investigations while reducing harmful effects on children and families

**These steps reduce duplication of efforts between agencies involved in the investigation, expedites prosecution, increases conviction rates of offenders, and helps victims onto the path of recovery.

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